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The Tim Hamilton Story
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The Tim Hamilton Story

Learning from Tragedy
Tim, a son, brother, and friend was the victim of a fatal workplace accident. The question we need to ask is “was it avoidable?”
Workplace safety is a unique situation because most of us are raised in such a safe environment growing up, it is no longer part of our nature to question the safety of our job duties, responsibilities or workplace tasks. It’s typically only after a serious accident or near miss that we open our eye to consider potential hazards. This should not be the only way we learn.
This video was created to help encourage individuals, students, everyone, including YOU to say “NO” when there is uncertainty regarding worksite safety.
The Tim Hamilton Story has been enthusiastically received by the Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Separate School Division, partly due to the tireless efforts of Julie Hamilton, Tim’s mother, who has been a passionate advocate of workplace safety since his death.**
**Special thanks to ENMAX for supporting the use of this video in schools to help educate our children on workplace safety. For more information visit: Safety At Work/ENMAX

Electricity – The Invisible Killer

Every year in Canada more than 1,000 contacts are made with energized high voltage power lines and equipment. In addition to these contacts, electrical substations are routinely broken into. A contact of break-in may require a response from police, fire or EMS workers. Each contact or electrical substation break-in has the potential to place emergency first responders at risk of serious injury or even death.
This video consists of six typical scenarios that may involve response from police, fire and EMS.

  1. A police officer responds to a car accident involving a power line and pole. The officer is fatally injured when he contacts the vehicle which is in contact with an energized power line.
  2. A construction vehicle contacts a power line and the worker received a severe electrical shock. Paramedics arrive and are exposed to the electrical hazard.
  3. Farming equipment contacts a power line and the paramedic demonstrates the lessons learned from scenario 2.
  4. The hazards that may be present when responding to a call involving electric utility substations are examined.
  5. The hazards of downed power lines, including trees are introduced.
  6. The potential hazards an emergency responder may face when responding to a scene with an underground power line contact are introduced.