WHMIS & TDG Online Course

This online WHMIS and TDG Package course provides comprehensive lessons on the essentials for each topic. A certificate is available for each course.


We interact with a number of chemicals in our everyday lives. Often, we become so accustomed to dealing with these chemicals in our daily life that we forget that they can pose a serious threat to our health and safety.

This is especially true in workplaces across Canada. There are a wide variety of substances that are so harmful, special instructions and conditions for use must be followed to ensure the safety of people working with them and exposed to them.

For these reasons, the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, or WHMIS, was developed in 1988 as a Canada wide initiative to help increase awareness of the risks involved with chemical use. A requirement of WHMIS is that all workers receive training on hazardous materials used in the workplace.

The Online WHMIS Course Covers:

  • What is WHMIS?
  • Hazard identification
  • Product classification
  • WHMIS Symbols
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS Sheets)
  • Legislation and the laws that affect WHMIS
  • Roles and responsibilities defined by WHMIS law
  • The six classes of hazardous materials
  • Classifying hazardous materials correctly
  • Hazard control for each class of product


This online TDG training course covers information relevant to the legal transportation of dangerous goods in Canada. By the end of this course, learners should understand the regulations governing the transportation of dangerous goods on Canadian roadways, classifications of dangerous goods, TDG symbols on placards and labels, TDG documentation requirements, and emergency response requirements in the event of a dangerous goods spill or release.

The Online Transportation of Dangerous Goods Course Covers:

  • Introduction to Canada‚Äôs TDG program
  • Federal legislation governing the transportation of dangerous goods
  • TDG Training and TDG certification requirements
  • Classification of dangerous goods
  • UN numbers and placards
  • Labeling requirements
  • Packaging products
  • Vessel requirements
  • Documentation requirements
  • Emergency response assistance plans (ERAP)

Course Duration

Approximately 2.5 hours


Testing conducted throughout these online Transportation of Dangerous Goods and WHMIS courses is designed to reinforce the information presented to the learner. A mark of 80% must be achieved in each course before the learner receives certificates of completion. Learners may repeat the course twice if passing marks are not achieved. These courses both contain supplemental materials necessary for completion. These supplemental materials can be accessed online through the learning management system while completing the courses.

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of these online courses, certificates of completion are made available for download and printing. These certificates are valid for 3 years from the date of course completion indicated on the certificate as long as there are no changes of employer.